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Hey Professor: What Was Your Harvard Nightlife Like?

Ever wonder what your professors were like during their college years? What about the former Harvard undergrads? Were they Saturday night party-goers or Lamonsters? Bar-hopping or Widener stack-shopping? FM inquired into the social lives of a few professors during their years as Harvard undergrads.

Hey Professor: Kimberly C. Patton

Professor of the Comparative and Historical Study of Religion Kimberley C. Patton ’80, who teaches the course “Dreams and Dreaming” at Harvard Divinity School, answered a few questions about the role dreams played in earlier, more religious cultures.

A Eulogy to Ventfull

Ventfull, a smartphone app designed to cure FOMO at Harvard through an interactive, easily scrollable calendar of events, was discontinued by the Undergraduate Council in early February. Somewhere, a baby cried. I joined the baby.

Theater, Dance, and Media

It’s official: The Faculty of Arts and Sciences recently approved the creation of a concentration in Theater, Dance, and Media.