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<p>Ah, DeWolfe. This overflow housing including students from Kirkland, Leverett, Quincy, and Winthrop is a staple of the River housing options for sophomores and juniors. There are two buildings, 10 and 20 DeWolfe, each of which have six floors.<p>


<p>Pfoho is a beautiful house, with many facilities and ample space for its 377 residents. In terms of Quad house rankings, Pfoho is consistently at the top. Pfoho students enjoy a multitude of rooming options, including apartment style housing in the Jordans as well as large singles with hardwood floors in Wolbach Hall. Everyone is generally pleased with their rooms, and there are many common spaces available to residents. Even as sophomores, most residents are given singles, so say adios to finding your roommate’s laundry in your hamper. Of course, while it almost goes without saying, the obvious downside to Pfoho is the distance from the rest of campus life.<p>


<p>Quincy is known for its strong sense of community as well as its beloved mascot, the penguin. A centrally located house with a brand new Stone Hall, Quincy offers much to its 468 residents, including the Quincy-residents-only Qube library, a great dining hall, and a late night Grille where many residents are known to end their weekend nights.<p>