‘These Are Smart Mice’: Some Harvard Quincy Residents Plagued by Rodents and Excrement Since Fall

A number of rooms in the New Quincy residence hall of one of Harvard's upperclassman dorms, Quincy House, have been plagued by a rodent infestation going back to at least last November, prompting surprise and disgust from several residents who reported mice and droppings in their living spaces.

Quincy House

If you’re lucky enough to get to live in Quincy House for the next three years, you’ll find an incredibly warm community waiting for you. Special perks like the hot breakfast and the grille make the dhall a constantly bustling place that makes you feel at home. With the House’s central location and cool perks, you’ll never have trouble convincing friends in other houses to come visit your new House!

DSO Planning Spring Reopening for House Grilles, Junior Parent Weekend

Administrators at the Dean of Students Office discussed plans to reopen House grilles and host Junior Parents Weekend in the spring semester in an interview last month.

Quincy Grille Crawl

The College Events Board has been hosting events for the upcoming 136th Harvard-Yale Game, including a Grille Crawl, in which students are encouraged to visit all the student grilles on campus.

Leaves Outside Quincy House Catch Fire

Leaves on a ventilation grate outside of Quincy House’s New Residence Hall caught fire Monday afternoon, sending plumes of smoke into the air and triggering a multi-engine response from the Cambridge Fire Department.

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