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Undergraduate Admissions Council Establishes Role to Support Veteran Applicants

As student coordinators on the Harvard Admissions Office’s Undergraduate Admissions Council, Ashley N. Emann ’23 and Hudson T. Miller ’23 hold talks for prospective veteran applicants covering topics like housing, financial aid, and transfer credit.

Harvard Teacher Fellows Subsumed by New HGSE Master’s Program

Harvard Teacher Fellows — a teacher training initiative for students at the College — will no longer accept new cohorts of students as it is rolled into a new degree at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Up in the Air: Class of 2021 Looks Ahead to a Rocky Job Market

This year’s senior class is graduating into a job market that looks radically different from what it did a year ago. In interviews, several members of the Class of 2021 described a range of experiences throughout this recruiting season: some reported it went smoothly, while others asserted the pandemic had created new bumps in the process. All reported a new sense of uncertainty.

Harvard’s Leave of Absence Policies, Explained

Harvard students who decide to take a leave of absence this fall will make a series of tradeoffs — sacrificing their eligibility to participate in extracurriculars, school-sponsored jobs, and campus research to buy back in-person time with friends on campus.

As Harvard Summer Programing Moves Online, Students Make Contingency Plans

The coronavirus upended undergraduates’ semesters, forcing them to vacate campus more than a month ago. Now it has changed their summer plans, too — a shift students are adjusting to as they face expanding disruptions to college life.

Harvard Grad Union Reaches Tentative Workload Agreement With University, Calls for Fully-Funded 'Bridge Year'

Harvard and its graduate student union signed a tentative agreement setting a maximum limit on student workers’ weekly hours after a virtual back-and-forth last week. The union is also asking for a fully-funded “bridge year” for all Ph.D. students to continue research projects interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Directed to Seek Remote Employment, Students Say Harvard Has Not Provided Sufficient Job Offerings

After the closure of Harvard’s campus last month spelled the sudden end of many undergraduates’ campus jobs, students seeking online employment to supplement lost income say Harvard has failed to offer them a sufficient array of work opportunities.

Coronavirus OCS

With lockdowns and economic downturn, the current COVID-19 pandemic has brought much uncertainty to the Class of '20, who must now plan and search for post-graduate employment.

Harvard College Asks Students Who Cannot Continue On-Campus Jobs to Seek New Employment, Will Pay Students Working From Afar

Harvard will continue to pay students who can perform their on-campus jobs in a remote setting, asking students who cannot do so to seek other employment opportunities through the Student Employment Office, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Registrar Michael P. Burke wrote in an email to undergraduates Monday afternoon.

PBHA Summer Employees Face Delayed Stipends

The Phillips Brooks House Association has delayed payment of stipends to roughly 50 summer program employees, which has presented difficulties for students across the organization’s programs, according to several student employees.

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