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Cheng Resigns as UC President Amid Transition to New Student Government

Michael Y. Cheng ’22, who successfully led the charge to dissolve Harvard’s Undergraduate Council in favor of a new student government, resigned as president of the UC on Tuesday, leaving the transition to the new system in the hands of others.

At First Meeting Since the Fall of the UC, Former Members Grapple with What's Next for its Programs

After students voted overwhelmingly to dissolve the Undergraduate Council last week, some former members of the now-defunct body met on Sunday to discuss the fate of the UC summer storage program and establish funding protocols for the transition period.

Harvard Students Vote Overwhelmingly to Dissolve Undergraduate Council in Favor of New Student Government

Harvard College students voted overwhelmingly to dissolve their student government in favor of an alternative structure this week in a controversy-ridden referendum that appears to spell the end of the school’s 40-year-old Undergraduate Council.

At Fraught Meeting, UC Removes Election Day Ballot Question on the Eve of Controversial Referendum

On the eve of a referendum that will determine the Harvard Undergraduate Council’s future, the body held a meeting on Sunday that descended into disarray with arguments, interruptions, and a dramatic early exit by the UC’s president.

UC Meeting Stalls Due to Lack of Attendance

The Undergraduate Council passed three bills at its second meeting of the year on Tuesday after it failed to meet quorum when debate on legislation began an hour and a half after roll call, causing a delay.