After a day of classes during a storm that brought in over a foot of snow, students brought lunch trays to slide down the steps of Widener Library. While some classes were cancelled by professors, the College was still officially open.

Flyby Winter Survival Guide

​Congratulations! You’ve made it through a moderately temperate week. If you’re thinking these past few days were cold, don’t be afraid. Flyby has created a list of what not to do if you’re from a warmer climate:

Hey Professor: The Other White Menace

Although the season is officially over, we can still see the white vestiges of winter—and it’s not just the snow. This year, the city of Boston used hundreds of thousands of pounds of salt to keep its roads, sidewalks, and walk- ways clear of ice, and that salt is still around. After it's done its job of preventing icy sidewalks, where does it go?

How to Waste Away Your Snow Day

After three snow days in less than three weeks, Harvard students are experts. And at this point, it seems like the university has given up on the “we’re exceptional enough to go hold class during a blizzard” attitude it had for most of its history, so who knows how many more snow days we’ll have this year? That being said, it’s still important to make the most of every precious day off. Here are some of our favorite ways:

Snow covered Harvard

Harvard University cancelled classes for the third time in two weeks on Tuesday as the closing of the MBTA to clean snow and ice of tracks disallowed many staff members and instructors to travel to the university.


With continued snowfall over the past two weeks, the Greater Boston area is expecting below freezing temperatures for the next few days as the area is dealing with excess snow.

Snow on Plympton

A student walks down Plympton St. on Monday evening, flanked by growing piles of snow. Amid forecasts of more wintry weather, administrators made the decision to suspend most operations at the University on Tuesday.

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