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How Your Liberal Arts Degree Prepares You to Consult

To simplify your introspection and facilitate your career exploration, Flyby has outlined the various skillsets that many of you already possess based on your academic concentrations at Harvard. This evidence-based (don’t ask for citations) report describes those skills which are seamlessly translatable to a job at any top management consulting firm.

The Best $10 You'll Ever Spend

​Are you a sophomore premed already disenamored with Chem 17? What about a freshman who already failed to finish his first CS 50 problem set even though students receive an extra 10 days this year? If so, have no fear. Though the first Add/Drop deadline has tragically passed, Harvard students still have until the Fifth Monday (October 3) to finalize their course schedules for the fall semester (and even then, why is everyone so scared of the dreaded W?). For the steep price of $10 a course (and the next 60 seconds of your life, which is all Flyby can really ask for at this point), we’ll will give you the lowdown on which courses to pick up to repair your broken semester.


<p> Surrounding the beautiful and exclusive Quad (country club) Lawn, Cabot House is likely to give you the single and spacious suites you have yearned for since orientation week. If that’s still not enough, the “Nutella-me-more,” a latte with nutella, will pull you in for sure. </p>


<p>What’s better than going to Harvard but also being able to get away from Harvard? Currier’s small size, consistently lauded dining hall, and perfect Uber distance from the Square will make you feel like you have the best of both worlds.</p>

currier house

View of Currier House from the shuttle stop