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Flyby's Guide to Freshman Formal

As we reach the finish line of a year full of aggressive pseting and regrettably getting in touch with your inner Lamonster, you may have just forgotten how to be a normal human in a social setting. Especially all you freshmen out there, who probably still haven’t quite figured out how to non-awkwardly navigate the social scene. Freshman Formal quickly approaching (read, it’s tomorrow) and Flyby’s here to help prevent you from making a fool of yourself.


<p> Surrounding the beautiful and exclusive Quad (country club) Lawn, Cabot House is likely to give you the single and spacious suites you have yearned for since orientation week. If that’s still not enough, the “Nutella-me-more,” a latte with nutella, will pull you in for sure. </p>


<p>What’s better than going to Harvard but also being able to get away from Harvard? Currier’s small size, consistently lauded dining hall, and perfect Uber distance from the Square will make you feel like you have the best of both worlds.</p>

The Five Types of Blocking Drama Creators

With the rising Sophomore Housing Lottery registration opening next Monday, Feb. 29, blocking drama has come in like a wrecking ball. The stress in the environment is visible through the decrease in food supply at Annenberg because of freshmen eating their feelings and the lack of lack of Kleenex packs at the CVS in the Square.

Breaking The Ice After Winter Break

Going back to Harvard after more than a month of vacation can be bittersweet, and at times a little awkward. Needless to say, walking into Annenberg the first day back at school was quite the dilemma: are you close enough with that girl from LPSA section to give her a hug? Or should you just wave and smile? Are you tired from telling everyone you know that your break was great because you did nothing but sleep? If this sounds like you, don’t worry; Flyby is here to help you out.