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Whatever You Do, Don’t Go to Cafe Gato Rojo!

Remember when we told you not to go to the Barker Cafe because the drinks were too yummy and the baristas were too nice? Well, I now have another place to add to the list of cute cafes and study spots for gatekeeping. So stop reading and pay attention to your lecture because trust me, you definitely don’t want to know about yet another cozy, student-run spot to spend your Board Plus.

Your Favorite Website

We know what your favorite website says about you...

Flyby’s It’s Warm Outside Playlist

It happened folks. It happened earlier than usual this year because #globalwarming, but we have officially had three consecutive days of 50-degree weather this fine spring semester. So to celebrate this momentous occasion, here’s a playlist full of sun-inspired bops to enjoy on your walk to class.

Trader Joe’s Can Fix Anything: Valentine’s Day Edition

We’ll cut right to the chase: Yes, sampling TJ snacks was in fact our only plan for Valentine’s Day evening, no, none of us had real dates for the good ol’ day of love, and no, we don’t need to keep talking about it.

The Day I Learned That Goldilocks is a Mouse

There are many strange facts that live rent-free in Janani's brain. One of these facts is that mouse droppings very closely resemble black sesame seeds. This information isn’t relevant just yet. Just remember it for later. Read the full story now!