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26 Vocab Words For the Class of 2026

With the return to campus, we’ve seen the return to our favorite Harvard lingo that we know and love (and hate). From “Berg” to “paff” to “basty” to “HUA,” not even Harvard students can keep up with the new vernacular, let alone the class of 2026. If you’re a pre-frosh or even just a Havard student who’s a little lost, look no further — we’re proud to present to you Flyby’s annual Harvard lingo breakdown: Class of 2026 edition.

Burst The Bubble: President's Day 2022

I’m no psychic, but I’m willing to bet my BoardPlus that since the start of the semester, “ugh, I never leave the Square” and “how has it gotten to the point that the my main source of joy is scrolling on Tik Tok for 30 minutes before I go to bed” are thoughts that have crossed your mind.

Eat Your Way Through a HUDS Brunch And We'll Tell You Your Relationship Status

Valentine's day is next week and while we don't have the power to conjure a significant other for you in time to partake in American consumerism and this sacred holiday, we do have the power to guess (or manifest) what your relationship status will be. Just tell us your HUDS brunch choices — it's that easy.

Flyby Remembers: Things We Didn’t Used to Say

As we remember life pre-Covid, we can't help but think about all the new wacky vocab that's taken root in our everyday lives. Endless social juniors? To-go containers? COOL MASKS? What a world we live in these days!

Plants Need Water (and other things)

With promises of fall sweaters and pumpkin-flavored everything, the leaves outside are starting to turn a brilliant red and orange. Unfortunately, the leaves on our indoor plants have also decided to change. Whether you’re looking to buy a new plant or keep your existing plants healthy, hopefully this list helps your babies grow and thrive!