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A Conversation With Lt. Shachar Erez: The IDF's First Openly Transgender Soldier

​Lt. Shachar Erez originally enlisted in the Israeli Defense Forces as a female candidate, despite the fact that he identifies as male. He was nervous—at the time, Erez did not anticipate that the military would accept and support his transgender identity.

FM Imagines: A Resignation from the Student Organization Center at Hilles

What did I do to deserve so much disdain? Is it too much to ask for the students, who walk by my doors every day, to give one ounce of recognition to the ten years I have spent relegated to the Quad, watching them silently pity my apparent lack of purpose?

Back to Her Roots

This week, the Harvard Texas Club hosted Sarah Isgur Flores, the deputy campaign manager for Carly Fiorina's 2016 presidential run. FM sits down with her and talks about Texas, 'The West Wing,' and the fast-paced world of campaign politics.

Animal Rescue League + Beer = Barktoberfest

Walking through the gate of Boston’s first annual Barktoberfest at SoWa Open Market, our senses were overwhelmed with the sight of puppies in cute, dainty vests, the smell of freshly brewed beer, and the savory tastes of food truck delicacies.