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A Note To Readers

A world where news outlets categorically refuse to contact certain kinds of sources — a world where news outlets let third-party groups dictate the terms of their coverage — is a less informed, less accurate, and ultimately less democratic world.

Bacow Discusses Importance of Academic Freedom at Year's Shortest Faculty Meeting

The Faculty voted to add new class start times at 12:45 p.m. and 3:45 p.m, approved other agenda items, and were done with this month's meeting in 25 minutes.

Faculty Council Hears School of Public Health Proposal

Members of the Faculty Council met Wednesday to review election procedures and hear a proposal from the School of Public Health concerning one of its Ph.D. programs in a “very tame” meeting, per Council member David L. Howell.

Harvard Concludes Investigation Into Fryer, Admins Now Mulling Possible Punishment

Harvard has concluded its Title IX investigation into sexual harassment allegations brought against Economics professor Roland G. Fryer, Jr., who must now wait for administrators to determine how — if at all — they will punish him.