A Note to Readers: The Crimson’s Digital Future

In the fall of 2022, The Crimson will make a historic change to harness the opportunity presented by the digital era: We will shift to producing a weekly print edition while recentering our operations and product to prioritize daily online content.

A Note to Readers

Today, as Harvard returns to in-person classes, The Crimson’s first print issue since spring 2020 can be found on news racks across campus.

A Note to Readers

We miss working through the early hours each weekday morning to publish a print paper, but recognize that without a building full of Crimson staff to put it together and a bustling campus to read it, we better serve our readers by delivering the news online.

A Note to Readers: Black Lives Matter

At The Harvard Crimson, we condemn racism and reaffirm that Black lives matter. Our position as journalists in this historic moment demands that we fulfill our mission to report ethically and hold power accountable more than ever.

A Note to Readers

Today’s paper, the 36th produced by the 147th Guard of The Crimson, will likely be our last print edition this semester. Starting today, we will transition to an online-only operation and will continue to cover how these events impact Harvard.

A Note To Readers

A world where news outlets categorically refuse to contact certain kinds of sources — a world where news outlets let third-party groups dictate the terms of their coverage — is a less informed, less accurate, and ultimately less democratic world.

A Note to Readers on Faculty Survey Methodology

Broadly, respondent demographics tracked well with publicly available information on the demographics of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

A Note to Readers on the September 27th Print Edition

Due to technical difficulties, The Crimson did not publish a print edition on September 27, 2017.

A Note To Readers

In Monday’s editorial, “ A Premier Opportunity ,” the Staff asserted that University President Lawrence H. Summers has done nothing

A Note to Our Readers

For this article, The Crimson spoke with nine of the 10 former assistant deans who worked under Nathans.

A Note to Our Readers

Today is the last day newspapers will be delivered to student doors on campus.

Note to Our Readers

In keeping with The Crimson News Board's gender neutral policy, we will no longer employ the term "freshman."

A Note to Our Readers

The Crimson's Freshman Registration Issue appears in slightly different from today because of production difficulties.

A Note To Our Readers

Today's paper appears in a slightly different format because of a production problem.

Note to Readers

Due to production difficulties, a serial article slated to continue in today's paper does not appear. The feature on relations

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