Kristine E. Guillaume

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Kristine E. Guillaume

Kristine E. Guillaume is the President of the 146th Guard. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @krisguillaume.

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Amid COVID-19, Protecting Harvard’s Teaching Faculty is Essential

As students from concentrations that rely on non-tenure-track faculty for instruction, we strongly urge Harvard to respond to this petition with action: extend appointments for non-tenure track faculty by at least one year.

A Note To Readers

A world where news outlets categorically refuse to contact certain kinds of sources — a world where news outlets let third-party groups dictate the terms of their coverage — is a less informed, less accurate, and ultimately less democratic world.

Bacow Warns Admissions Trial Could 'Create Divisions' Among Harvard Affiliates

Bacow’s emails to students and alumni Wednesday marked his first missives directly addressing the suit.

100 Days of President Bacow

Throughout American history, “100 days” has marked a critical benchmark for any new leader. The Crimson looks back on University President Lawrence S. Bacow's first months in Harvard's — and arguably, higher education's — top job.

Bacow Has a Message for Harvard Hopefuls: The Sanctions Are Here to Stay

Just a few months into his tenure, University President Lawrence S. Bacow has a simple message for Harvard hopefuls: don’t apply if you’re not comfortable with the College’s social group penalties.