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Professors' Professors

​As a college student, you might forget that the accomplished professor at the helm of your lecture once sat in your seat. We asked professors who went to Harvard to write about their most memorable experiences with one of their own professors. Read on to find out why you really should be going to office hours.

Fill in the [BLANK]

The typical packs of wandering students are out again on a Friday night. They’re shouting joyfully, crossing paths, calling out plans, and marching on, full of hope and the right amount of drinks. Tonight, there is a visible purpose in the flow of people. They’re migrating towards the colored lights and thumping bass line that beckon from the Science Center Plaza.

FM's Guide to the Quickest Burritos in the Square

Picture this: It’s 12:40 p.m. on a Tuesday, you have a class approaching fast at 1, and the dining hall just won’t cut it today. In fact, you have a very specific craving in your bones: burrito fever. But which store deserves your service? Luckily, FM is here to do your dirty work for you.