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Derek K. Choi

Derek K. Choi ’18 is the President of the 144th Guard of the Harvard Crimson. He lives in Leverett House, studies government and economics, and hails from the suburbs north of Chicago.

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All Quiet on a Variety of Fronts

It’s a shame that our expectations for a Harvard education have become so vague and so easily fulfillable. The original 1945 program drafters had impossibly grand aims, but their articulation of the purpose of a college education should at least echo today.

CS50 as Religious Experience

If academic dishonesty is indeed akin to sin—and having taken the Puritanism out of the alma mater, I suppose CS50 was as good a place as any to put it—we ought to be truer to its gravity.

The Thesis Fog

The senior thesis lives as a sort of larger-than-life being in my imagination. It feels, despite what the department tells you, like the conclusion of my academic career.

For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow

When Bacow talked to Harvard affiliates: “Some of them said, ‘What about you, Larry?’ And I said, ‘No, thank you.’ I was there to get their ideas about others to lead Harvard.”

Two Questions for Larry Bacow

The most interesting part of the presser for me was hearing what questions the University had decided to plant.

A Ph.D. Does Not A President Make

Holding a Ph.D. should only ever be a plus. Yet I hope that is a secondary consideration to the skills needed for the job, regardless of from whence they’re found.

A Note to Readers on the September 27th Print Edition

Due to technical difficulties, The Crimson did not publish a print edition on September 27, 2017.