Eliot House Faculty Deans to Step Down at End of School Year

Kevin J. Madigan and Stephanie A. Paulsell will step down from their role as Eliot House faculty deans at the end of the 2023-24 academic year, citing an illness in their family in a Monday morning email announcement to House residents.

Eliot House

Perfectly situated next to the Charles yet close to the Yard, Eliot has much to offer its residents. Eliot boasts elaborate House parties, enhanced dinners, spacious rooms, festive Steins, and classy Harvard architecture. The only downfall: your friends might get jealous of Eliot’s snazzy perks and the vibrant community that comes with them. But, c’est la vie when you live in the “material girl” of Harvard Houses.

Winthrop Tutors Sue Eliot Faculty Dean for Defamation

Winthrop House tutors Carl L. Miller and Valencia Miller filed a lawsuit against Eliot House Faculty Dean Gail A. O’Keefe in Massachusetts Superior Court on Thursday, alleging that O’Keefe made defamatory statements both about their “professional reputation” and their response to a confrontation between them and a College student on April 3.

Grille for Vegas

The Eliot Grille on Wednesday night. Eliot Grille donated their proceeds from Monday night to support the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting.

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