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How to: Read 300 Pages in One Night.

It’s 1:30 a.m. You open up Canvas only to find you have 300 pages of reading due tomorrow. Maybe the Q Guide lied to you about that “gem” Gen Ed. Maybe you decided to tempt fate and take Humanities 10. Or maybe you went to the Pfoho Igloo yesterday (sorry) and figured you could get through it in one night. Don’t stress! As the readings start to pile up, here are some strategies to deal with those Sunday scaries.

Harvard vs. Yale (Dining Edition): An Interview With Emme Zhou (and Friends!)

Over 600,000 people have fallen in love with Yale senior Emme Zhou '23’s TikTok account, which documents her college experience and highlights her dining hall adventures. Over the Harvard-Yale weekend, Flyby brought her and her friends to the hallowed Adams House dining hall to learn how HUDS compares to Yale dining (Hopefully, it fairs better than our football team).

Flyby Tries: Intramural Sports

Coming into sophomore year, I was extremely excited for house life and all the new experiences that would follow (intramural sports!). However, with the beginning-of-the-year craziness, I never got around to using my “over the normal limit of athleticness” to rack up points for Pfoho. That all changed when I resolved to attend a volleyball B game (volley B, if you will).

Passio NO!

Passio GO! The literal bane of my existence. The shuttle tracking app just got a brand spanking new update in time for this school year. Apparently, the app “has been improved and is easier to use.” But any developer that has to explicitly state that its app is now “easier to use” is most definitely doing something wrong, and Passio GO!’s 1.4 App Store star rating proves as much.

Flyby Horoscopes: Beginning of Fall Semester

If you’re wondering what your first few weeks of school will look like, look no further. Flyby’s amateur astrologists have the answer for you. Read up to find out whether you should be prioritizing school work, reconnecting with friends, or reevaluating your schedule.

Flyby Tries: New Jefe's

Wondering whether the new Jefe’s location lives up to its predecessor? Look no further. Read up to learn about the decor, menu items, and vibes of the new Jefes. Spoiler alert: it’s much more difficult to cut the line now