Where To Blow Your Boardplus This Month

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If you’re more fortunate than me, you may have saved your $65 of BoardPlus on your HUID designated to use at specific HUDS and House-operated dining. If you find yourself thinking BoardPlus? What’s that? Stop everything and read the only FAQ you need. The most important thing to note is that if you haven’t spent your $65, it’s not too late — but it will be! If you don’t use it up before the last day of exams, it’s gone forever — yep, that’s right, money down the drain.

To make sure you make full use of Daddy Harvard’s money, here’s a list of places you can use your BoardPlus dollars.

Buckminster’s/Laboratory for Integrated Science and Engineering (LISE) Café

Exit your PHYSCI11 or Math 1B lecture and head on over to the LISE Café located conveniently next to the Science Center in the LISE (11 Oxford St.). Open every weekday from 8 a.m. to at least 3 p.m. — the brightly lit cafe has delicious pastries, snacks, sandwiches, Peet's coffee, and best of all, Robert the barista. We recommend not going around 10:30 a.m. when the café is the most busy!

Northwest Café

If you’re over by the science buildings, make sure to visit the Northwest Café in the Northwest Science Building (52 Oxford St.). You can get Peet’s coffee, baked goods, and grab-and-go snacks here, too. The café has seating indoors, but you can also venture outside to sit in front of the Museum of Natural History.

SEC Café

If you’re heading to CS51 office hours or have the joy of all your classes being at the Science and Engineering Complex — make sure to check out the SEC Café on Level 1, West of the main atrium. With baked goods, soups, and sandwiches, this place offers breakfast, lunch, snacks, and Peet’s Coffee. Enjoy your food with their indoor or outdoor seating.

HLS Harkness Dining Room, Grill, Pub, Harkbox & Catering

Walk into the Harvard Law School’s Caspersen Student Center and find multiple places to both get food and eat. With pool, ping pong, Peet’s Coffee, grab-and-go sushi, a large variety of pastries on every floor, and a huge selection of world foods, why would you want to go anywhere else for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? There’s also a pub open from Monday to Thursday from 5 to 10 p.m. with Pub Trivia on Wednesdays.

Still Not Satisfied?

Check out Lehman Hall for the Graduate School of Arts and Science Commons, the Harvard Divinity School Commons in Swartz Hall (45 Francis Ave), the Harvard Kennedy School (19 Eliot Street), or Sebastian’s in the Kresge Building at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (677 Huntington Ave).

Don’t wait to spend the last thirty days of this semester having delicious pastries for breakfast and sandwiches for dinner. Bring your friends and enjoy the comfort of eating anywhere but the dining hall. Treat yourself — you deserve it!

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