Flyby Ranks: Top 10 Blocking Group Names

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While Housing Week looks a bit different this year, the notorious tradition of submitting clever blocking group names still looks the same. The creativity, desperateness, and nonchalantness of this year’s batch actually made me LOL. Disclaimer: If your group didn’t make the cut, I’m sure it was still a great one!

Harvard Yardigans

The play on words… The childhood show nostalgia... This is *chef’s kiss*

Key Block

The Memphis rapper representation sometimes gets overlooked. Not on my watch!

Celibacy Exists

Thank you for the notification! However, this is Harvard, so we kind of already knew.


Imagine being quadded twice… I had to include this because it’s only specific to this year’s frosh. Good luck guys!

Lone Lesbian

Speaks for itself— genius. We also love alliteration.

Pop Block and Drop It

This group is OBLIGATED to do the dance when they receive their House.

All Bi Myself

The self awareness within a pun is amazingggg! 10/10.

Brad and Boujee

2016 was THE year for music! Hopefully this group’s Housing Day is just as good.


I have an appreciation for names that are extremely literal.

I don't know, man

Didn’t waste time. Told it like it was.

The frosh this year definitely did not lack creativity. Here’s hoping that your new House admin enjoys them as much as we did. Either way, wishing you all a successful Housing Season!

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