Housing Day

Leverett Bunnies Chant

Leverett students donned bunny ears and chanted in front of University Hall on Housing Day morning.

Adams House

What’s not to love about Adams House? From the old academia, Hogwarts-esque golden-gilded rooms to the incredible proximity to your classes in the Yard, it’s prime for romanticizing your time at Harvard (plus, it’s being renovated)! Perfect for dog and cat lovers (scroll down for a sneak peak of the resident pets, you won’t be disappointed), Adams is known for its tight-knit community and support system.

Quincy House

If you’re lucky enough to get to live in Quincy House for the next three years, you’ll find an incredibly warm community waiting for you. Special perks like the hot breakfast and the grille make the dhall a constantly bustling place that makes you feel at home. With the House’s central location and cool perks, you’ll never have trouble convincing friends in other houses to come visit your new House!

Lowell House

Lowell House: a newly renovated, semi-Pagan utopia with two beautiful courtyards and a bell that residents swear doesn’t actually wake you up. Want to search for the hidden laundry room under the opera hall, listen to one of your friends give a speech during dinner, and pet five dogs all in one day? If the answer is yes, Lowell might just be your new Harvard home.

Eliot House

Perfectly situated next to the Charles yet close to the Yard, Eliot has much to offer its residents. Eliot boasts elaborate House parties, enhanced dinners, spacious rooms, festive Steins, and classy Harvard architecture. The only downfall: your friends might get jealous of Eliot’s snazzy perks and the vibrant community that comes with them. But, c’est la vie when you live in the “material girl” of Harvard Houses.

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