How to Recreate the Panic of Shopping Week

By Sarah P Reid

Shopping week usually instills a sense of chaos reminding us that school is back, and there’s no reason that can’t be true this year. During this pandemic, we’re all craving a sense of normalcy. Use this guide to help continue your shopping week traditions from years past.

Forget to choose your classes

Let’s be honest — we all say that we will pick out our classes during the break, but it will never happen. While you can’t recreate running to a class you just found out is necessary for your concentration, you can run to your computer frantically when you realize that your Zoom was supposed to start 15 minutes ago.

Shop even more classes than usual

Shopping week is always filled with more classes than anyone should rationally try to attend. And now that you don’t even have commute time, why not add more classes on to your packed schedule? We all missed the stress.

Get in contact with old friends

At this time during the pre-COVID era, we would be making plans to “grab a meal” with people we haven’t seen in the past few months. Even in a socially distanced semester, you can still make those plans to catch up with friends. And hey, you probably still have the same chance of actually following through and getting a meal with any of those people.

Back to School Party at Home

Shopping week is traditionally the time to celebrate being back in your favorite place, Harvard Square. While we may not be back, we can celebrate having something to do other than use sourdough starters. Call up your friends on Zoom and get your favorite beverage (legally allowed in your current place of residence).

Cheers to making this shopping experience as chaotic as it usually is!

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