How To Throw Your Own Formal

By Sophia Wen

Formal season normally happens this time of year, but we must make do with our own home-thrown formals now that we are all safely social distancing. While we may never be able to recreate the magic that is failing to actually make it to the white tent in front of the Science Center for Freshman Formal, here are some tips on how to make a formal happen at home.

Get Dressed Up

Obviously, one of the best parts of formals is finding a nice ‘fit and getting ready with your friends and roommates. So put away your PJs and get on your best formal attire. While school formals may have a normal dress code, you are no longer bound by that at home. Use this time to experiment with what could be formal attire (bread costume, anyone?) or at least ditch the uncomfortable heels.

Play (Water) Drinking Games

Now it’s time for the pregame. While some of your standard games may be off limits at home, there’s new ways to drink (water) creatively. Go on Facebook and take a drink every time someone comments “thoughts and prayers,” or drink every time you think to yourself how much you wish you were at school right now. Get some friends on Zoom to play with you (it’s less sad that way).

Get on the Dance Floor

This one requires making a dance floor, but decorations can really just include a sign hung on the wall that says “Must be 21+ to drink.” For the authentic experience, turn your garage into the dance floor with all the lights off, blast the music, and have your family members come up and randomly bump into you or spill a mystery liquid on you. Bonus points if you can talk your dad into turning up the thermostat to recreate the sweltering heat of formals.

Eat Nachos

Every good formal ends with one thing — Jefe’s Nachos (or some other fast food, I guess). If you have access to Uber Eats or a similar delivery app, get your favorite junk food. If you are out in the boonies, get your chef on and make your go-to late night snack. Just be careful not to burn yourself if you went too hard at the pregame.

While we might lose some of the essence of formals being at home, there are still some good ways to recreate your night out while in quarantine. Have a happy and safe formal season!

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