How To Blow Your BoardPlus in 5 Days

By Iulianna C. Taritsa

Now that school is cancelled, we know that there is only one thing on your mind: how to best take advantage of the BoardPlus you have left so Harvard doesn’t scam you out of something else. As someone who forgets about BoardPlus until the last week of spring semester every year, here are the best ways to burn Boardplus quickly.

Hold Office Hours

This is the last time you will see your friends for who knows how long. Leave them with the gift of BoardPlus goodies. Set up camp in Northwest Labs and buy them whatever their heart desires. Bonus points if you get more than 25 people there!

Ditch the Dhalls

Especially stressed about catching the ’rona? The cafés around campus are great for breakfast or lunch, and will have less people than the dhall. Check out those ridiculously expensive Barker Cafe sandwiches or go all out at the Grille – treat yourself before it’s over.

Get a Cake from Lamont Cafe

Throw one last banger (or at least a sad packing party) and pick up a whole cake from Annenberg that sells for ~$30. Great way to get rid of mass amounts of BoardPlus and celebrate your last days on campus.

Get Snacks for the Road/Plane

Right before you uber to the airport, stop by and pick up some snacks from any BoardPlus location for the long journey home. A last ditch attempt to use BoardPlus and a great way to avoid inflated airport prices.

While times are tough, always remember: if you are not scamming, you are getting scammed.

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