The Real Reasons to Call it Spooky Season

By Melanie Y. Fu

We’re in the middle of #spookyseason, and whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit the phrase captures the fall vibes pretty well, for more reasons than just Halloween. Just to spice things up a little, here’s a bunch of things definitely scarier and spookier than Halloween itself.

Midterm Season

Papers and projects and exams, oh my! Enough said.

Not Knowing How to Dress for the Weather

It’s cold in the morning and warm in the afternoon and also seems to rain randomly in the middle? We need help.

Cuffing Season

The most terrifying for the commitment-phobes inside us all. The only boo we want this season is the one on the Halloween decorations.

Concentration Declaration

For all the sophomores — and some very confused juniors — picking your concentration is a frightening step. Even more scary: realizing how many concentration requirements you still have left.

Recruitment Season

Applications, interviews, and some inevitable rejection letters are continuing to roll in this spooky season. With many Harvard students completely unprepared to handle failure, it’s scarier than the typical ghost story.

No End in Sight

The crushing realization that Thanksgiving Break is still over a month away is hitting us. With the long weekend — that was sadly not long enough — behind us, we’re really going to have to hold out to keep up hope.

If you thought spooky season wasn’t scary before, these nightmares before Christmas should be more than enough to keep you up at night.

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