Currier House

By Iulianna C. Taritsa
Currier House is a quirky house, but it's dining hall and singles more than make up for it's distance from the main campus. Yearning to learn more about this house? Flyby's got you covered.
By Sophie G. Garrett

Currier House. As the only upperclassmen house with buildings named entirely after female alumni, feminism is not the only reason to be excited about Currier. If you see green—we're talking morph suits and speedos, not just lanyards and novelty hats—on housing day, then know that you are about to enter one of Harvard's most welcoming if quirky communities. Tree jokes abound in this Quad House which sits right at the Quad Shuttle stop and just across the street from the Mac Quad. We hear that ~suburban living~ treats Currier well. Expect to see some of the largest singles on campus as well as one of the best dining halls.

By Megan M. Ross

All About Housing

A typical sophomore dorm in Currier House.
A typical sophomore dorm in Currier House. By Mark Kelsey

In terms of housing, you can't go wrong with Currier. Nearly all sophomores in the house will be rewarded with a single for their troubles, joined together with another single by a shared sink room, with proper bathrooms off the hallway. A few lucky people might also get a suite with a kitchen, common room, and bathroom.


We mentioned that Currier is one of the more, shall we say, "quirky" houses. Expect to see grown men and women strolling around in spandex suits the color of rain-forest green (or the ill advised neon green). Like most Quad houses, Currier boasts a tight knit community and a hotel-like living space, and is home to some of Harvard's most-used party spaces, including the Fishbowl, the Solarium, and the Ten-Man. To give you a glimpse at the life of an average Currier resident, the House's HoCo chair Cara Jacobson '18 sat down with Flyby:

A sophomore common room in Currier House
A sophomore common room in Currier House By Mark Kelsey

Can you describe Currier’s community in a few words?

CJ: Diverse, enthusiastic, and welcoming. Mainly though, we’re enthusiastic. A lot of students in Currier are really excited about Currier events and even create their own. We have coffee house nights that students produce and perform in, which is so fun and so nice. We also have things like Currier cinema, which was established by Currier members, where we watch cool movies. People are really enthusiastic about making Currier house life fun and exciting.

What’s your favorite Currier event?

CJ: Currioke, for sure. It’s a stein (a party for the house) once a semester. It’s just karaoke, but so many people in the house get involved and participate with their blocking groups. It’s so much fun.

Where are the chill spots to hangout?

CJ: Definitely the Fishbowl, which is the lobby area. It can be chill but it can also be super hype. We have Heaven and Hell there, so it can become a dance floor, but it’s also where Currier coffee house and other steins happen. We also pool tables, ping pong, and couches. The Mousehole is really nice too, which is behind the Fishbowl.

Your Questions, Answered

Still not quite sure what to expect if you've been sorted into Currier? You can find an answer to most of your questions here:

What Housing Day traditions should we know about?

CJ: There will be a lot of green. There may or may not be people in green Speedos and morphsuits. Be excited when you see green! You’ll get a tour of the house at night, and then there will be a celebratory event. You’ll meet the dog Milly, who is a golden retriever who lives in Currier. You’ll also meet Woody Evergreen who is our house mascot, the tree. We’re really excited about trees in Currier. You can see it in our beautiful arboretum [in the dining hall].

What does a tree have to do with Currier House?

CJ: I think the longevity of the tree: trees live for a really long time, and I think the friendships that you build here are long-term. Also, you have your roots in Currier.

If you had to compare life in Currier to a Disney movie, does one come to mind?

CJ: Hercules. You know the song “I Can Go The Distance”? Well, you can go the distance, and when you do, what you find is great.

Is what they say about Currier’s dining hall being the best true?

CJ: Absolutely. We have the best food on campus, objectively, because we don’t share a kitchen with any other house. It’s nice because other members of the Quad come to eat here too, so this is the meeting place for a lot of the Quad.

What do you wish you knew about Currier moved into the house?

CJ: I wish I knew how comfortable it is to live here, how homey it is. I feel like here I’ve found a home and somewhere where I’m completely comfortable on campus that I hadn’t found freshman year, and I don’t know if I could have found that in another house.

What's your favorite Currier house memory?

Sarah Angell '18: At the end of a stein a couple weeks ago, everyone went in a circle and sang “Country Road, Take Me Home” together. It was a really nice moment.”

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