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How Harvard Can Help Solve TIAA’s Climate Problem

Harvard needs to join in this fight. It’s time for a faculty resolution calling on TIAA to put an immediate moratorium on any new fossil fuel investments and to get out of the land grab business. We don’t need ‘cleaner options’ to let some people tidy up their portfolios and their consciences; we need comprehensive action now, on a scale commensurate with the crisis we face.

Harvard’s Decision to Divest from Fossil Fuels Teaches the Value of Persistence

Had the effort ever lapsed in the face of official scorn, Harvard would still be in league with Exxon, trying to make a little more money off the collapse of the planet. I remember most vividly Harvard Heat Week, in April of 2015. Some of those memories are uncomfortable — sleeping one night in the shrubbery outside Massachusetts Hall, and the next in the occupied alumni office.

Send a Letter, Not a Check

I’m pretty sure that, all its defensive sputtering aside, Harvard will eventually divest its holdings in fossil fuel companies.

Him and His Calvinism

In the Beginning "I remember walking in my backyard when I was three and thinking about God. Looking at the

Four More Years

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A Mixed Blessing

Last winter, as the final tenants moved out of a Harvard-owned building at 7 Sumner Rd., one said "it's no

Homage to Pilgrimage

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The Most Dangerous Wave

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