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How to: Make Connections with Your Professor Online

While Harvard is fully online this year, establishing rapport with professors is still an essential aspect of the college academic experience. But what do you do when you cannot pop in spontaneously to in-person during office hours anymore? Don’t worry, Flyby has you covered with some insightful tips on how to create meaningful connections with your instructors through a computer screen.

How To: Get Off Your Couch

Eating double fudge brownies while swiping through semi-funny Zoom memes on the sofa is nice, but spending every afternoon this way may not be a recipe for long-term health and happiness (at least that’s what the doctors are saying, anyways). Turn over a new leaf and check out some Flyby-approved ways to stay at least a little active at home.

How to: Begin Emails During COVID-19

It’s been a few weeks since college closed, and while many things have undoubtedly changed, email correspondence certainly hasn’t. From having to ask professors about their new syllabus to sending check-in emails to club members, we are even more immersed in this digital mode of communication than ever before.

Top Books Written by Harvard Faculty

Looking to increase your reading load and broaden your analytical mind? Trying to impress your professor or interview with some sophisticated reads? Look no further: here are some of the most popular books written by Harvard Professors.