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HUPD Police Log 2/7-2/27: Indecent Exposure and Incessant Alarm Clock

February is a short month, but the with the Valentine’s Day spike in hormones and snow day delirium, HUPD still had a lot on their plate. The occasional failed romantic gesture here, an indecent exposure there; you never know what the HUPD logs will bring. As part of our Securitas Series, we've combed through recent HUPD logs and published some of the more colorful entries below.

Brooke and Datamatch

Our staff writer Brooke and her Datamatch date, posin' with his cup #tastyburger

BREAKING: Snow Update from the Dean of Student Life

We continue to monitor the severe weather expected this coming week, and appreciate your patience and support in the face of curtailed services. Our dining hall staff across the houses, as you have experienced, have performed valiantly under constrained circumstances. That being said, tonight’s dinner entrée will be swai, and you’re going to like it. Tomorrow’s entrées will be swai. And you’re going to like it, again.

Employee Robbed in Longwood Medical Area

A Harvard Longwood campus employee was attacked from behind and robbed of his wallet as he was unlocking his bike from a rack on Friday night.