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‘The End of One Era’: Marching Toward a New Boston Pride

After years of mounting controversy around excessive commercialization and its lack of racial and transgender inclusion, the Boston Pride organization dissolved last year — bringing an end to one of the oldest gay rights nonprofits in the United States and the parade it had been organizing for the past 50 years. What's next for Pride in Boston?

Across Boston, Gender-Affirming Care is Just What the Doctor Ordered

For now, gender-affirming health care is a small world. Throughout his career, Harvard Medical School associate professor Michael S. Irwig has pushed for hospital-wide and nationwide initiatives to educate more clinicians on gender-affirming care.

The Battle for Mass Ave

Small businesses’ need for parking spaces has come into conflict with competing city interests: promoting road safety and encouraging more sustainable forms of travel.

Where the Learning Never Stops

The student body at the HILR is composed of retired professionals seeking to broaden their minds together through a classic liberal arts education model. The 550 students lead and attend the more than 120 peer-led courses and enrichment activities that the program offers.

Institute for Learning in Retirement

At the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement, retired professionals seek to broaden their minds through a classic liberal arts education model.

Gregg Meyer

Gregg S. Meyer, a primary care doctor at MGH and the vice president of Value Based Care at MGB, helped create the relationship between AllWays Health Partners and the hospital.

Revisiting Cambridge's Recurring Income for Success and Empowerment Program

RISE was spearheaded by Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui, Vice Mayor Alanna M. Mallon and Councilor Marc C. McGovern in cooperation with community organizations like Just A Start and Cambridge Community Foundation. “The hope is that once people gain a little bit more security, they can use that financial security to then help them move forward,” McGovern says.

Disability Justice Advocates Raise Concerns over Mask Mandate Drop

For Shang and other immunocompromised students, campus policies have much higher stakes than just comfort. “The most frustrating part that I’ve had conversations about with people who don’t want the mask mandate has just been me being like, ‘I have this condition. I would basically die if I got Covid,’” Shang says. “And then people are like, ‘Yeah, but that’s your issue, not ours.’”

Steven Tringale

As the president of AllWays Health Partners, the health insurance organization of Mass General Brigham, Steven J. Tringale has worked with hospital administrators and clinicians to devise a new plan, called Allies, for businesses and employees in towns adjacent to Route 128.

Ramadan 1

Muslim students break their daily fast at the SOCH, where daily meals are offered as a partnership between Harvard's Muslim Chaplains, Crimson Catering, and Harvard University Dining Services.

A Night With ASS (Adams Seance Society)

A voice pierces the silence, inquiring if there are spirits there with them. They wait with eager ears. Suddenly, it comes — a tap on the walls — faint and indistinct, but enough to send the room into an uproar.

Seeding a Probiotic Revolution

Regardless of how far Seed Health gets in its mission to reimagine human health and environmental systems through probiotics, Gyorgy Baffy is certain that biotech and supplement companies like it have set the course in motion for a field that’s only getting started. Baffy, who finished his medical training in Hungary in 1980, remembers a time before the concept of microbiota entered into clinical and scientific jargon. Now, he says, knowledge of the field is spreading.

Disability Justice 2

In the Smith Campus Center, some students remain masked, while others do not. Harvard dropped its indoor mask mandate on March 14th, making masking optional, though allowing professors to continue the mandate at their own discretion.

When the Past Comes Knocking

Sackstein takes a piece of paper off his notepad, writes a few sentences, then folds it up and scrawls a title on the front: “A Gift from the Past.” The two of them take a pair of pliers and slip it into the crevice. Place the panel back on. Tighten the screws. Reinstall the knob. Their very own message in a bottle has just set sail.

Disability Justice 1

Melissa M. Shang '25 is the co-president of the Harvard Undergraduate Disability Justice Club, which recently signed onto an open letter calling for the administration to reinstate the indoor mask mandate. For Shang and other immunocompromised students, masking could be a matter of life or death.

Israel Trek 3

Participants on the Harvard College Israel Trek, a subsidized spring break trip to Israel and the West Bank, pose for a photo. This year, the Trek faced backlash from student organizers alleging that Trekkers are “complicit in apartheid and settler colonialism.”

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