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Sequencing Babies: New Hope for Newborns

“BabySeq is an experimental research study that seeks to understand the medical, behavioral, and economic impact of sequencing newborns, the goal being to decode newborns’ genes to scan for potentially life-threatening and genetic diseases.”

A New Laundromat Program in Cambridge Public Schools Is Not Just About Laundry

The pandemic delayed the project, but also reaffirmed its value. Many students at CRLS live in public housing, and during the pandemic, Hardina often delivered gift cards for food and laundry to them. She said that students and their families were always excited to receive laundry gift cards — that’s when she knew a program like this would work.

Prayer, Made Invisible

Tucked away among other typical basement amenities like the common room, laundry, and trash disposal lie the only two spaces dedicated solely to students of Muslim and Hindu faiths at Harvard College.

Beijing Language and Culture University Contests Claims of Unfriendliness

"Beijing Language and Culture University contested the claim that its lack of friendliness led Harvard Beijing Academy to uproot and permanently move its program to Taipei, Taiwan, providing emails that seem to contradict the HBA director’s claims."

The Virtual Harvard Project

When the pandemic struck, Rus Gant, head of Harvard's Visualization Research and Teaching Laboratory, decided that it was the time to turn his idea of making a 3D model of Harvard into a (virtual) reality.

Virtual Widener

Dollhouse view of Widener Library Great Reading Room by Matt Cook, the digital scholarship program manager for Harvard Library.

24,000 Miles: From Harvard to Eden

The Out of Eden Walk, described on its website as “a collective pilgrimage, conducted at boot level, that gathers and braids a multitude of voices together in order to describe the human experience across the globe,” traces the route that humans took millions of years ago that populated the world as we know it. Before Salopek embarked on his journey, he made a pit stop at Harvard. Salopek received a visiting fellowship from the Nieman Foundation for Journalism, and in the spring of 2012 arrived on campus ready to build a network of experts to support him on his impending journey.

The Journey of a Covid Test

While many colleges have implemented regular testing as part of their reopening strategies, Harvard has gone a step further in establishing a self-sufficient testing site at the Harvard University Clinical Laboratory.

Rachel C. Auslander '22-'23

Rachel C. Auslander ’22-’23 is one of the co-founders of the Undergraduate Disability Justice Club.

Harvard Beijing Academy’s Move to Taipei

From singing Chinese pop songs to playing Mahjong to visiting the Great Wall, students in the Harvard Beijing Academy summer study abroad program have ample opportunity to explore Beijing while improving their Chinese. While these immersive experiences will continue, the program will move from Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China to National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan starting the summer of 2022.

Taking Vaccination from Needle to Chip

With a one-year grant from the federal government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, the Wyss Institute has become one of three participants in the ImmuneChip+ Program.

‘Kind of Not Either’: Half-Freshmen Navigate Harvard

This year, as the half-freshmen return to a newly-revived campus or step foot on it for the first time, many report a disconnect from both their upperclassmen and freshman peers, a feeling exacerbated by logistical issues that remind the students of their in-betweenness.

Chongai HBA

Two students performing Chong'ai on er'hu and guitar in Wudaokou square in Beijing, China.

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