Currier House

By Nayeli Cardozo and Sami E. Turner
Welcome to Currier House! When you set foot in Currier, you’re definitely in for a tree-t. The amenities are endless, shared with housemates who feel like family. The Currier crew consists of forever friends, extraordinary faculty deans and tutors, dedicated dining hall staff members, and adorable furry friends. You could say Currier residents are one of a kind; those who enter Currier join the ranks of alumni like Bill Gates, Yo-Yo Ma ’76, Neil deGrasse Tyson ’80, and Michelle Wu ’07.
By Subul Ahmad

By Anne M. Foley

Quirks and Perks

Most Harvard students cherish any chance to devour some delicious food, and Currier is greatly praised for its high-quality food. In addition to great dhall meals, every semester, Currier has lots of special dinners. The most special is the Audrey Bruce dinner, a huge gathering in honor of the House’s namesake, Audrey Bruce Currier ’56.

To make your dining experience even better, Currier has a sea of friendly faces to enjoy a meal with, even those that aren’t students. House Committee chair Chibuikem C. Uche ’24 described the faculty deans and tutors as super kind and extremely supportive of students. Co-chair Samantha R. Vitale ’25 agreed, claiming that “they’re very easily accessible, whether you see them in the dhall or just look up their email. It’s just great to talk with them, whether it’s about school or just chatting about life.”

With amazing House staff, it’s no surprise that Currier also hosts a number of social events. The Currier “Ten-Man” suite is a popular space that hosts memorable parties throughout the year. It’s truly a sight to see with 10 singles and a personal elevator that opens directly in the middle of the largest private common room on campus. Additionally, students enjoy other events like Heaven and Hell — a highly anticipated, annual Halloween party — and Currioke (Currier karaoke!). Students also have a number of watch parties in the Fishbowl, a space with a theater-like setup where crowds gather and go wild watching movies, the World Cup, the Super Bowl, cheesy reality TV shows — you name it.

Vitale is grateful for the Quad as a whole. “Everyone from the Quad is so tight, and I feel like you don’t really get the larger, three-house community in much of the River Houses, as you do in the Quad,” she says.

“You will find your people there,” Vitale adds.

All About Housing

It’s safe to say that most freshmen partaking in the housing lottery are eager to upgrade to a spacious single. You might want to put Currier on that manifest list because it has the largest singles on campus. Here’s the layout: the House consists of the four towers Tuchman, Gilbert, Bingham, and Daniels, with Daniels being where most sophomores reside. The dining hall is situated right in the center of the House, and Uche considers it a great place to hang out. He says, “Currier dhall is my comfort spot where I know that no matter what day I had, no matter how things are going for me, I can always go in there, and instantly my mood changes 180,” he says. The other main spaces are quite close by, with the Fishbowl right across from the dining hall, and the Treehouse, another common space that is frequented for parties, just down the hallway. Everything being in such close proximity makes it so that people get to see familiar faces all the time, which, again, contributes to the familial feel of Currier.

Moreover, Currier boasts specialized spaces like a dance studio, relaxation room, fitness area, poker room, and music rooms. Students can get a change of scenery by leaving their dorm rooms to spend time in one of the many lounges that have flat screen TVs, tables and chairs to study, and sofas to relax and snooze on without a care in the world. Whenever students have an inkling to cook or bake, they have access to numerous kitchens containing large refrigerators, stoves, ovens, microwaves, and big storage cabinets.

Your Questions, Answered

Now, for the inside scoop on life in Currier, I asked the HoCo chairs all about the place they call home.

If you could describe your House with a HUDS dish, what would it be?

SRV: The Jalapeno Mac and Cheese.

CCU: We’re really sweet, but we’ve got a kick. We’re a really cool House. We have a lot of fun things, so that makes perfect sense.

What is one thing that you want freshmen to know about your House?

SRV: Getting Quadded is not the horrible thing that every single person thinks it is. If I’m going to be completely honest, the only negative is the walk there. You have the shuttles that take you to the Yard almost instantly. I feel like if you’re walking from the science-y area, like the Science Center or Northwest, it’s actually a shorter walk than Mather.

CCU: We get to go to Porter. We get to go to Davis Square. We get to see a lot of different parts of Cambridge and the area that you don’t really get to see, and it’s like you get to live the best of both worlds.

If you had to describe your House in 3 words, what would they be?

SRV: Home, friends, and I want to stray away from the word “community,” so I’m gonna say best.

CCU: Family, 0pportunity, unique. It’s one of a kind for me. It’s something about Currier, I keep going back to. It’s like for me and Jefe’s. Like, after my first bite, I have to keep going back, and I can’t stop. I just love the House, and it’s just so different.

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