Valentine’s Day for Dummies

By Hana Rehman

PANIC MODE: Valentine’s Day is here and you have no idea what to do/where to take your boo. It’s on a Tuesday, and you have a pset due that night. Don’t worry, Harvard Square can be charming, and your hopeless-romantic, YA-romance-novel-obsessed, relationship veteran, Flyby staff writer is here. I’ve even broken it down by relationship status:

For your crush:

Okay, if you’re using Valentine’s Day as the first time to talk to your crush, keep it simple. Let’s have a daytime coffee date. We’re feeling the vibes and keeping it cute.

Your recs are:

- Bluestone Lane (potential for a snack/meal here too)

- Blue Bottle (vibes, vibes)

- Faro Café (new, trendy)

For your situationship:

You’ve been seeing — for a lack of better words — this person for a while and feelings are definitely there. My first piece of advice: DO NOT DO NOTHING. Even if you’re unofficial, talking, entangled, or whatever other placeholder Gen Z comes up with because we’re scared of commitment: you care about each other. So here are some ideas:

- A text: A Valentine’s Day text does so much more than you think. Start the day off right. Let them know you’re thinking about them.


This must be accompanied by one of the following:

- Flowers: You literally can’t go wrong. Everyone loves them. There are two floral shops in the square: Brattle Square Florist and Petali. C’mon, they even sell them at CVS.

- Ordering takeout: If you’re not ready to take them out, just Doordash something and watch a movie. Light an illegal, unsanctioned-by-me-or-Harvard candle. It’s cute and intimate.

Now, if you’re ready to sit down to eat with them. Here are some cute places that won't run your pockets up.

- Felipe’s (a little step up from 1 a.m. Jefe’s)

- Nine Tastes (such good food)

- Saloniki (cute, quick, and a nice place to selfie)

For your BAE

This is your person, your boo, your partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, future spouse or spouse. Yes. You might be feeling some anxieties around Valentine’s Day because there's a lotta pressure. Just breathe and book the reservation.

If you want to wine and dine your bae, here’s some semi-fancy places in the Square:

- Toscano (beautiful, dimly lit, potential “Lady and the Tramp” moment)

- Alden and Harlow (good food, nice atmosphere)

- Barcelona Wine Bar (closer to Porter so an excellent option for you Quadlings — think about all of the tapas you could share)

(Hopefully, I don’t have to tell you to do the first two from the previous section, but this is an extensive guide: buy your partner flowers and tell them Happy Valentine’s Day.)

That’s all I got, folks.

Just keep in mind: it’s the thought that counts, and there’s always 50 percent off EVERYTHING the next day in case you need to right your wrongs. ;)

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