Flyby’s Senior Bucket List

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Are you left scrambling because it’s Senior Spring and you have no idea how to get into ~the chill zone~? Flyby has your back with these tips to get you started.

Eat Breakfast in Annenberg

Remember how excited you were to see the Great Hall of Harvard? How you felt like you were at Hogwarts and a hundred owls could swoop in at any moment? Maybe after three years, the overwhelming stress of freshman year has faded away, and you can now truly enjoy the magnificence of Annenberg’s architecture and daily hot breakfast. Or at the very least, mentally list reasons why your House dhall is better and avoid making eye contact with all the first-year students.

Reunite With Your First-Year Characters

Revive the overly optimistic vibes of early freshman year and call for a first-year suitemate dinner! How have you all changed or stayed the same? You can also spontaneously reach out to your Annenberg crush and finally ask them if they’d like to grab a meal with you. Or tell your freshman seminar professor that you switched concentrations and show your proctor that you are still a hot mess. #throwbacks

Pull an All-Nighter to Hang Out with Friends Instead of to Study

When was the last time you had an hours-long heart-to-heart with those you love best? In the spirit of senior spring, chuck the laptop and stay up all night talking to your closest friends. You can reflect on your time in college, or maybe even learn new things about each other that have managed to not come up in the past four years. (Like how your roommate never returned that dress she borrowed pre-pandemic.) This is one of your last chances to all be together, so make the most of it!

Do a Reverse River Run

Go to your first-year dorm and take a shot of your favorite non-alcoholic beverage — since the Yard is dry, of course ;). Legend says that drinking in the Yard is a transcendent experience whereby memories of your first year come rushing back. A senior told Maya that when she was a freshman, a group of people showed up at her door and asked if they could come inside to drink (which she politely declined).

Visit Mount Auburn Cemetery

You may be questioning your existence since you handed in your thesis, but what better place to contemplate life than at the Mount Auburn Cemetery? See the intricate gravestones and beautiful scenery (it’s a great bird-watching site, too!), and go to Washington Tower for great views of Cambridge and Boston! You can also pack a lunch and a blanket and make a cute picnic out of it.

Send these ideas to your closest friends and check off as many of these as possible. While the future is uncertain, we hope that you will at least be able to enjoy your senior spring!

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