Five Brain Break Ideas That Are Actually Brain Breaks

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Let’s be real: taking brain breaks at Harvard can be hard. With our non-stop, everything-seemed-to-be-due-yesterday, no-seriously-my-pset-was-due-yesterday schedules, it can be difficult to take a true break where we don’t feel guilty for avoiding a pset or stressing over an essay deadline. Here’s some good-for-the-soul brain break ideas (instead of scrolling through TikTok) that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day!

Taking the T to explore a new coffee shop

Don’t get me wrong - I LOVE Peet’s, Blue Bottle, Flour, and Tatte. But after a while, we all need some new excitement in our life (and to break out of the Harvard bubble). Believe it or not, hopping on the T and getting off at the next stop is almost as quick as the walk from the Yard to the Starbucks by the Prescotts! Just one stop inbound to Central Square, you can find Andala Coffee House and 1369 Coffee House. In the opposite direction, you have Revival Cafe + Kitchen and 3 Little Figs in Porter Square. Bring a book or a friend and cozy up with a new drink to disconnect from the busyness of Harvard.


Journaling is an underrated brain break. It allows you to reset by dumping all of your thoughts and feelings on the page. Kinda like an overdue cry! It always leaves me feeling exceptionally refreshed.

Seeing a Harvard Theater Production

You see the flyers posted all over the bulletin board in your dorm and swipe through so many Instagram stories, but never go. Now is your time! Harvard brims with talent, so instead of spending the evening in Lamont, spend it with some showtunes! There is no better way to dissociate than getting lost in the plot of a heartfelt or tear-jerking production, and it’s way better on your eyes than binging season two of Euphoria.

Attending a workout class at the MAC or Hemenway

Working out is a known stress reliever, and you’ll be way too busy trying to figure out zumba moves that your pset due tomorrow will seem miles away. And, the classes are free! I recommend inviting a friend to cry sweat with you. After hunching over your laptop in Lamont with the posture of your gamer-boy ex for hours, your body will thank you.

Charcuterie Snack Break

Who doesn’t love an aesthetic, Instagram-worthy charcuterie board? Block out an hour of your day, invite some friends, and have everyone bring something to contribute to the board (Trader Joe's cheese, anyone?). It’s a great midday (or midnight) pick-me-up and an awesome way to socialize while munching on some good food (Sorry, Berg).

In our world of constant late night Lamont-ing, taking an hour for yourself will make a world of difference and help eliminate burn out. Go ahead and block out weekly brain breaks on your Gcal (maybe send a Gcal invite to some friends?) Your brain and soul will thank you!

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