What Type of Class Are You?

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As if the Myers-Briggs, Hogwarts house affiliation, love languages and Enneagram personality types weren’t enough, here’s another one that you can add to your Tinder profile. Harvard has such a wide range of types of classes to suit your learning needs and concentration demands. Have three to five hours to spare? Treat yourself to mixing some chemicals in a lab. Want a more personal, smaller setting? Go for a seminar. Each of these classes have their own vibes and now you can find which one matches yours.


You’re larger-than-life and the absolute life of the party! You want to be friends with every person you meet, and everyone who meets you thinks that you’re super friendly. Even if you seem pretty easy going at first though, you’re also complex, and very interesting . There’s also a good chance that the number of Instagram followers you have is probably higher than the number on Elon Musk’s paycheck.


Chances are you tend to keep people in your company for hours at a time. Small talk doesn’t exist to you — you appreciate longer, in depth conversations with people. You’re not afraid to challenge others with deep questions or hot takes, and any time spent with you is generally rewarding.


Unlike the Lecture personality, you thrive in more lowkey social settings. You love getting to know people up close and personal, so you like to keep your circle of friends small to get to know each person better. People are free to talk to you about anything on their minds, and you’re always there to add some context to conversations, or give an interesting alternative point of view in a discussion.


Thoughtful. Well-read. Insightful. An ~intellectual~ if you will. You are a walking Shakespeare, if Shakespeare liked to binge TikTok and wore Vans. You possess deep knowledge of the world around you and love to share it with others. People love to learn about different quirky topics from you.

Office Hours

You are the problem-solver and the person people run to when they have issues or problems they need figured. Whether they can’t figure out no. 3 on this week’s pset, have no idea what to write in the second paragraph of their essay or they just broke up with their significant other for the third time this week, you are always there to lend a helping hand to the needy and desperate. Where would your friend group be without you?

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