8 Things That Work Better Than my.harvard.edu

By Brandon J. Dixon

As everyone struggles to find all the best hidden gems and fulfill the new General Education requirements, my.harvard has been hindering those efforts. With its persistent outages, it has left all of us in the dark at some point. Here are eight things that are currently working better.

The New Schedule and Having Time to Eat Lunch

Those 15 minutes at FlyBy are better than nothing, which is what my.havard is often giving us.

McDonald’s (or the Dhall’s) Ice Cream Machine

While neither work often, at least McDonald’s doesn’t get mad about its own cookies.

The Class Lottery System

At least someone, somewhere, is getting to take GENED 1074: “The Ancient Greek Hero” (or so we are told).

Your Last Relationship

Even Chad was more predictable than logging in to my.harvard.

Going to Networking Events

We are getting nothing out of both, but at least networking events have free food and your mom will stop texting you about going to a networking night.

Paying Taxes

Yes, our secondary school system may have failed to teach us this (or other useful life skills), but after 45 minutes and three YouTube videos, the tax system will be clearer and my.havard will still give error messages.

Promising Yourself That “This Semester Will Be Different”

Are you really going to do all the readings? Do you actually think you will make it to every 9 a.m.? No, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t enroll in classes because of a my.harvard shutdown.

Curricle, Syllabus Explorer, and Q-Guide Plus

Now, if you actually cannot figure out my.harvard and it’s getting down to the wire, check out these three sites to plan your semester schedule. Curricle will let you search for classes, Syllabus Explorer will show you a past or similar syllabus, and Q-Guide Plus will let you know what the students really think. This way, all that will be left to do is put the classes in your schedule.

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