Why You Should Say No to Winternships

Do you really want to choose to hang around in this?
Do you really want to choose to hang around in this? By Krystal K. Phu

Walking through campus you may hear some people talking about “winternships” — the strange time over winter break when some people choose to work instead of relax. But let’s face it, winter break is for taking a much needed mental break and catching up on Netflix (and non-HUDS calories), not for overloading yourself so as to only come back just as stressed as you left.

Do Some Ec10

Before you start considering the prospects of working over winter break, take a moment to do a cost benefit analysis, weighing the benefits of relaxation with the short-lived internship that most likely will not be a fulfilling experience. Just think, would you rather be sipping some hot cocoa and sleeping in, or spending a few weeks continuing the stress that you experienced during all of the fall semester?

Know Yourself, Love Yourself

While some may want to try something new with their internship, or hope to add another few lines to their resume, don’t be tempted to pursue this opportunity just for the sake of following the rest of the crowd. You do you. Recognizing that you need some alone time or some time away from anything remotely related to school is not a bad thing. Just think, after a month at home, you can come back refreshed and ready to take on the spring.

Home. Cooked. Food.

Would you rather be toiling away in a boring office in Boston and living on ramen from your microfridge or eating all the delicious snacks your family makes? Need we say more?

All in all, make the right choice for you. Sure, you can work at a startup or continue conducting research, but keep in mind the benefits of the time you can spend recharging this break. Say no to winternships and end this tragedy before it begins.

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