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David Malan, but like, make it sexy.
David Malan, but like, make it sexy. By Connie Yan

Halloween is just around the corner and it’s crunch time to plan and put together your costumes for the not one, but two Halloweekends this year. (Hey, Halloween is next Wednesday, so it’s your choice how much or how little you want to celebrate.) To be a real showstopper at Harvard Halloween parties, dress up as an iconic person or feature of Harvard Culture.

Sexy David Malan (we know, it’s redundant)

David Malan is one of the most well-known professors on campus, and, luckily for you, his standard uniform is easy to copy for a killer Halloween costume. All you need is a black shirt, some jeans, and black shiny shoes. Carrying around a rubber duck, stress ball, phone book, or strategic spray bottle to get his signature sweating-under-the-production-lights look is recommended. This is CS50.

Death of Harvard Time

We are all still mourning the loss of Harvard time, those beautiful seven minutes that saved students across campus. For this costume, you will need to get a clock (or picture of a clock) that is 7 minutes past and make yourself up to look dead. Warning: We are not responsible for the masses of upperclassman mournfully crying when they see you on Halloween.

Your Lost Dignity

This costume requires a little more work and absolutely zero shame. Use a large poster board to become a wanted sign for your dignity. Last Seen: Cabot Aquarium, halfway through first semester freshman year. Outfit: Not warm enough for the weather. Seen With: Last name still unknown, but pops up at the dining hall every now and then. This way, nights that have haunted you in the nature of dhall run-ins for a year can now help you haunt others this Halloween.

Former Harvard President, Drew Faust

To pay homage to our last president, dressing up as Drew Faust will easily earn you the respect of students and faculty alike. For this costume you need: a green scaly body suit, a rattle to attach to your tail—I mean feet—and an adaptation of your best hissing voice. Nothing but respect for our Goldman Sachs board member.

The John Harvard Statue

Not only is this a great costume, but it’s also a perfect disguise to help you check off one of the tasks on the Harvard Bucket List. Just get some metallic spray paint and some 17th century clothes, maybe enlisting a couple friends to act as tourists. Note: Flyby is not responsible for any drizzles you may welcome.

Use any of these ideas to shake up the normal Halloween go-tos of sexy cops and firemen, in favor of a more unique costume. With our advice you can get noticed, remembered, and likely photographed and snap-storied by strangers at parties this Halloween Season.

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