What Type of Texter Are You?

Here at Harvard, there are different sorts of texters. Whether you overuse emojis or semicolons, take the quiz below to find out which which type of texter you are.

By Clara Baselga-Garriga

Mostly A’s: Freshman

Everything is new and exciting, so your texts are filled with exclamation points and emojis. You check your phone constantly, hoping that someone will finally ask you to go to O Sushi with them.

Mostly B’s: Member of the Harvard Model Congress

Your texts are impeccable at all times (you wouldn’t want one misspelled word or misused punctuation sign to ruin your future political career). You prefer to use the old-school smiley-face emoji: classy and simple, it’s a safe bet. If you are in the middle of a conference, you may not answer your phone for three or four hours.

Mostly C’s: The Jock

You think the eggplant emoji is hilarious, but you only use it with the boys. Your response interval ranges from an hour to two, depending on whether you are at practice, playing Call of Duty, or writing a Hebrew Bible essay.

Mostly D’s: The Intense Pset-er

You are extremely efficient. In fact, you don’t even have time to use unnecessary emojis. You check your phone periodically, since you know that someone has probably texted you asking about question #3b or #6e.

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