In Photos: The Driver Era in Concert

By Alisa S. Regassa, Crimson Staff Writer
By Courtesy of Alisa Regassa

Pop-funk duo The Driver Era hit the stage at the newly-minted Roadrunner venue in Brookline on Aug. 2. Comprised of lead vocalist Ross Lynch and singer-songwriter Rocky Lynch, the brothers were joined by bassist Riker Lynch on this tour.

By Courtesy of Alisa Regassa

Frontman and lead vocalist, Ross Lynch, got the crowd swooning with his cheeky smile and flirtatious lyrics.

The Driver Era took the Roadrunner by storm, taking full command of the largest indoor general admission venue in New England.

Singer-songwriter Rocky Lynch harmonized with his brothers/bandmates.

Ross proved himself to be a jack of all trades; from belting out vocals to breaking out in dance.

Riker Lynch is also touring with The Driver Era, adding a stable thrum of bass to keep the performance on beat.

The southern California opening act, almost monday, warmed up the crowd with their charismatic performance. Texas indie-pop band Summer Salt is also joining the tour.

“How all my ladies doin’?” Ross edged on the crowd, and was met with ear-piercing shrieks.

The Boston crowd couldn't get enough of the band's infectious energy.