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Dissent: Does Length (of Writing) Really Matter?

The new five prompts ask applicants to talk about different aspects of themselves, from their intellectual interests, extracurriculars, and family responsibilities to their life experiences. These prompts give clear guidance on what Harvard wants to know about its applicants. For a student with limited experience in writing an application, the prompts assuage the burden of trying to determine the aspects of their life that are of interest to Harvard.

Dissent: It’s Ok To Go Into Big Tech

Morality extends far beyond people’s career choices: Individuals can still be good people if they work in profit-driven sectors like big tech. As long as our peers are not doing evil things, we see no reason to censure their post-graduation choices.

Cobalt, Congo, and the Costs of Fighting Climate Change

Cobalt mining in Congo reminds us that creating a sustainable future does not end with divesting from fossil fuels, or even ceasing their use. The conversation must go on, to ensure that our alternatives do not leave us in the same situation. Ultimately, we must ask ourselves: Does saving the future of the planet have to mean Congo dies today?

On Decolonization, African Countries and a Postcolonial Nairobi

The Africa the rest of the world fantasizes about is not the Africa that exists in reality. Africa is evolving on its own path, and it is high time the rest of the world contends with this.

I Want an American Accent

I hope that I will learn the American accent. It will make flirting at parties much easier and will give me back my sense of humor. I also hope that I will not lose my Kenyan accent; that I will be able to revert back to it when I need it. I hope once I land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, I will fit right back in; that the place I call home will not think of me as foreign.