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45 Students Win Seats on Undergraduate Council

Forty-five students were elected to the Undergraduate Council in the highest-turnout election in recent years, the UC Election Commission announced Friday. This year’s election saw 2,149 voters, a significant increase from the 1,885 ballots cast in 2018 and 1,454 votes in 2017.

73 Students Declare Candidacy for Undergraduate Council

Seventy-three students declared their candidacy for 47 available seats on Harvard’s Undergraduate Council last week, according to the UC Election Committee Chair Perry M. Arrasmith ’20.

UC Launches First-Generation Faculty Mentorship Program

Roughly 50 students and faculty members gathered in the Kirkland Junior Common Room Thursday evening to inaugurate the Undergraduate Council’s First-Generation Faculty Mentorship program.

UC Passes Statement Supporting Danu Mudannayake

The statement, which passed by an online vote late Wednesday night 20-9, denounced the tutor’s response to the incident and issued a number of demands, including a public response from College administrators and the dissemination of the results of the College’s climate review of Winthrop.

UC Rules that President and VP Cannot Vote, Sponsor Legislation

The two pieces of legislation that changed the 40-year voting precedent were part of a series of acts that their sponsors called the “Great Reform.”