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We Can Have Our Code and Eat Camus, Too

Are we the last generation of English majors? No. We’re also not the last generation of computer scientists, biologists, or mathematicians. The future is interdisciplinary. The energy currently invested in unproductive squabbles between STEM and the humanities should be harnessed into collective dialogue and inquiry seeking to drive our current world forward.

Spring Break Postcards

Follow The Crimson Editorial Board’s spring breakers as they experienced the filmic camaraderie of college sports, the reverence of suburbia before the crack of dawn, and even a lizard. With Punxsutawney Phil’s predicted six weeks of winter coming to an end, we’re all refreshed and ready to finish out the spring semester in actual spring weather.

Corgis and Cash: Harvard’s Club Conundrum

Reforming the mechanisms of financial oversight should be a top priority for the Dean of Students Office. We love our clubs and we love corgis — we just don’t think one should be spending money on the other, a point College administrators raised with HUFPI. It would be nice if they also raised more safeguards around club funding at large.

Opening Our Front Door to Simmons and HBCUs

When Ruth J. Simmons delivered our Commencement address in 2021, we wrote that Harvard “invites a brilliant, forward-thinking speaker, yet does not follow her example in its own backyard.” Now, Harvard has welcomed that same brilliant, forward-thinking speaker to its front door. We can’t wait to open the door and follow in her example.

The Fuzzy Boundaries of Animal Experimentation

Despite our suspicions about the claims levied against Dr. Livingstone’s work, it is prudent to acknowledge that many prominent scientists and primatologists have raised concerns with her research. Emotional reactions, too, belie ethical concerns that cannot be easily rationalized out of existence.

Down With Winthrop

The petition to dename Winthrop has the potential to be the first success of the formal Faculty of Arts and Sciences process of submitting denaming requests. We call upon Harvard’s administration to take this opportunity to prove their commitment to the denaming initiative, by seeing a well-founded, highly-supported request to fruition.

The Student Government Behind the Curtain

We hope that a reprioritization of funding as the HUA’s singular responsibility can redeem the student body’s perception of student government. The current hatred of the HUA actively hurts the credibility of the opt-in Student Activities Fee, potentially disincentivizing students from investing in the one operation that student government should perform and that all students benefit from.

Build, Cambridge, Build

To be clear, we have nothing against bubble tea. We believe food can serve as a practical, delectable entrance point to a variety of cultures. But even as we maintain the value of cultural food options in the Square, the new bubble tea shop’s opening reminds us of a problem that has long plagued Harvard Square: the affordability crisis.

The Future Looks Bright for Cambridge’s Children

Investment in universal pre-K and college is a high-yield investment into future generations of children and young adults. We’re delighted to see Cambridge take steps to bring this future to light, and hope for the nation to follow. ​​​​​​​