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For the Sake of Knowledge, Pay Your Graduate Students

Burgeoning young researchers at GSAS nurture new seeds of scientific discovery, contributing to Harvard’s primary product of academic output. But GSAS can only advance the collective frontier of knowledge if prospective graduate students, from all kinds of backgrounds, know they can live here.

Men Don’t Need Their Own ‘Affirmative Action’

We believe in fixing the problems that plague men today. But that requires acknowledging the pervasive harms of the patriarchy and the nuanced intersectional nature of these problems — which casts gender-based ‘affirmative action’ as incomparable to the race-based affirmative action we so recently lost.

The Picture of Douglas Elmendorf

As the dean steps down, now is the perfect moment to consider a fuller picture of his time running Harvard’s public policy-focused school — a picture with both luminous hues and murky patches.

To ChatGPT or Not to ChatGPT?

Ultimately, generative AI is here to stay, and we commend Harvard’s approach to managing this reality. Harvard’s current efforts maximize the power and potential of one thing generative AI cannot impede upon: user choice.

Let’s Talk About Harvard’s Brand New College Application

While Harvard’s new prompts signify a notable effort to meet the moment, we have misgivings about the ability of these new questions to thoroughly capture the diverse array of student experiences. How can students reasonably condense discussions about formative life experiences and their identities into 200 words or less?

The Pragmatic Case for Ending Legacy Admissions, Now

Rather than reiterate the keen inequity at the core of legacy admissions (a well-hashed argument in our editorial pages), we hope to provide a practical explanation for why University President Claudine Gay should direct her administration to abolish legacy admissions, right now.