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To Faculty, With Gratitude

Our actions directly influence the health of our community and the faculty we interact with. Responsible behavior is a key way we can show respect for Harvard’s workers, but we know words matter too. We should be liberal in expressing our appreciation for Harvard’s incredible faculty and staff, who have kept this ship afloat through a generation-defining crisis.

Quarantined Students Need More than an iPhone to the Rescue

To lift the burden and stress off of students who may test positive, FAS needs to release guidelines that require all professors to have a preemptive plan for those who go into isolation. From there, allowing professors the flexibility to create individualized and innovative protocols  — in other words, handing instructors the flexibility that they need to best meet the needs of their specific course — should generate better outcomes for students who have to spend a part of the semester in the confines of four walls.

Engineering a Unified Campus

The Science and Engineering Complex is now quite literally set in stone — but its impact on Harvard students and Allston residents isn’t. It’s up to the University and our student body to make it what it deserves to be.

As Activists March on Washington, Harvard Should Stand Behind TPS Residency

Activist calls for a path to residency are not only justified — they are the only reasonable response to a migratory framework that tacitly recognizes the asylum eligibility of TPS holders while simultaneously condemning them to needless precarity.

With More Students Off Campus, House Life Is Down, But Not Out

This past year and a half has been unwieldy, confusing, and weird. Much of “normal” has fallen to the wayside. But we sincerely hope that this slight uptick in those opting out of house life doesn’t mark the beginning of a trend as we ease into the era of post-pandemic House life.

Freshmen Skew Wealthy, As Always. Harvard Isn't Helping.

Legacy admits make up 15.5 percent of the Class of 2025, and they tend to be loaded: Nearly a third have parents that make half a million dollars. These students don’t deserve our ire for being rich, but, in an admissions process where wealth and a guiding hand helps plenty, it’s egregious that the College goes out of its way to privilege students who enter the rat race with a parent who can expertly aid them and likely finance experiences that showcase their child’s prowess.

Harvard’s Fossil Fuel Divestment is a Hard-Fought, Symbolic Victory

Harvard’s recent decision is, therefore, a testament t0 the power of student activism. The wealthiest academic institution on our warming planet has been moved by the blood, sweat, handcuffing, and tears of young people.