In Final Legal Push, Harvard Defends Motions to Dismiss Sanctions Complaints

Harvard filed documents Friday defending its motions to dismiss state and federal lawsuits alleging the College’s policies on single-gender social organizations are discriminatory.

Dean of Students Lauds Gender-Neutral Social Club Recruitment

Dean of Students Katherine G. O’Dair said in a Tuesday interview that College administrators are “encouraged” by “strong student interest” in social organizations that recently adopted gender-neutral membership policies in accordance with College regulations.

Harvard Argues Suits Challenging Social Group Sanctions Should Be Dismissed

Lawyers for Harvard argued that state and federal judges should dismiss a pair of ongoing lawsuits alleging the College’s social group sanctions are discriminatory Friday evening.

Federal Judge Will Deny Student Plaintiffs Anonymity If Sanctions Lawsuit Proceeds

Three unidentified College students who are suing Harvard over its social group sanctions in federal court will not be allowed to remain anonymous if the case proceeds beyond a motion to dismiss, a federal judge ruled Friday.

Exempt from Harvard’s Sanctions, Four Former Sororities Hold Joint Recruitment

Touting their exemption from the College’s sanctions against single-gender social organizations, four former sororities have partnered to sponsor a joint recruitment process for new members during the spring semester.

Harvard Objects to Protective Order for Anonymous Students in Sanctions Lawsuit

Harvard is arguing that plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit opposing the College’s social group sanctions are “premature” in requesting an order to protect anonymous undergraduates’ identities from public disclosure, according to a Monday court filing.

Greek Groups Are Suing Harvard Over Its Sanctions. Here’s What Happens Next.

Experts and lawyers say a pair of lawsuits challenging Harvard’s sanctions could prompt a protracted — and pricey — legal battle in the months or years ahead.

'Plowing New Ground’: Experts Say Harvard Sanctions Suits Employ Unusual Legal Arguments

The pair of lawsuits challenging Harvard’s sanctions rely on unusual and in some cases far-fetched legal arguments — but it is too early to know whether the complaints will be successful, experts say.

Alpha Phi Returns to Campus, Joins Lawsuit Opposing Sanctions

Harvard’s chapter of sorority Alpha Phi — which shuttered in response to the College’s sanctions — is back in business and joining a lawsuit against Harvard.

Female-Focused Undergraduate Group Muse Launches on Campus

The Muse, a new female-focused undergraduate group, is looking to fill in “a lack of female supportive environments” at Harvard by offering self-growth and social programming for female-identifying College students.

News Analysis: Harvard Seeks Unprecedented Control Over Recognized Final Clubs

Prior to a 1984 split, final clubs affiliated with Harvard could count on use of the school's telephone line, discounted steam heating, and little oversight. Today — for the three newly recognized clubs — things will work a little differently.

Ex-Members of Shuttered Sorority Delta Gamma Launch Co-Ed Club ‘Kali Praxi’

Kali Praxi affiliate Basia Rosenbaum ’18 wrote in an email that the new group is “distinct” from the old sorority chapter, which became the first social club to shut down in response to the sanctions a week earlier.

Faust Penned Letter to Stefanik Arguing Against Legislation that Could Imperil Sanctions

"I worry [the legislation] represents an effort by Congress to regulate student life and the shape and character of private institutions in a way that threatens to undermine that diversity of choice and experience," Faust wrote.

Harvard Undergrads Lobby Congress In Effort to Imperil Sanctions

The students are particularly lobbying around the PROSPER Act, a proposed update to the Higher Education Act that—if passed—could force Harvard to choose between millions of dollars in federal research funding and its social group penalties.

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