Researchers Discover First Known Swimming Dinosaur

An international research team that includes two Harvard professors has determined that the Spinosaurus is the first known swimming dinosaur, according to a study published Wednesday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature.

Archaeologist Discusses Discoveries of the Early Pacific

Archaeologist Matthew Spriggs spoke about the often-overlooked contributions of indigenous people and women in archaeology in the Pacific during a talk at the Harvard Museum of Natural History Tuesday evening.

Christina Warriner

Christina Warriner, an assistant professor of anthropology at Harvard College, researches in biomolecular archaeology with an emphasis on the evolution of the microbiome.

Dig in the Yard

1:08 p.m. Students taking "The Archaeology of Harvard Yard" spend class outside at a dig in the Old Yard, where they will be excavating the remains of some of Harvard's oldest buildings.

Harvard Archaeologist Lawrence Stager Dies at 74

“He captured the room when he was in it and swept the rest of us up at that time with him,” a former coworker said of Stager.

Peabody's 150

Peabody Director of Academic Partnerships Diana A. Loren shows an audience the Feejee Mermaid. The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology celebrated its 150th anniversary on Friday.

Visitors Flock to Peabody Museum’s 150th Anniversary Party

Attracting visitors with famous showman P.T. Barnum’s Feejee Mermaid sculpture, the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology drew dozens to its 150th anniversary celebration Saturday.

Matthew J. Liebmann

Compared to many other archaeologists’ work investigating thousands of years into the past, Liebmann’s focus on the archaeology of early Native American encounters with Europeans is practically breaking news.

Harvard Weissman's Conservators Protect Objects of the Past

IN Touch With History: On a dreary afternoon, a conservator fills in the cracked colors of a centuries-old illuminated manuscript. Down the aisle, the personal photo album of an African royal family is restored before it is destroyed by time. At Harvard’s Weissman Preservation Center, conservators connect with stories of the past through the artifacts they touch.

Semetic Museum Talk on Anti-Semetism and German Archaeology

Thomas Gertzen speaks about German archaeological expeditions in Egypt around the time of World War I, and the possible anti-Semitic currents within German archaeology swirling around the iconic bust of Queen Nefertiti. The event was hosted by the Harvard Semitic Museum.

German Egyptologist Discusses Nefertiti and Anti-Semitism

German Egyptologist Thomas L. Gertzen read correspondence exchanged by prominent German archaeologists and French and Egyptian directors of antiquities.

Families Interact with Ancient Artifacts at Archaeology Fair

Ancient Mayan teeth and a mummified crocodile were among the artifacts featured at the Peabody Museum’s Amazing Archaeology Fair on Saturday.

Museums of Science and Culture To Create Student Board

The Harvard Museums of Science and Culture are establishing an undergraduate student board tasked to promote museum engagement at the College.

Excavation Results Day

Santiago Pardo '16, member of the Harvard Yard Archaeology Project, explains recent finds to Hannah K. Rasmussen '16 outside of Matthews Hall despite the rain and cold weather on Thursday afternoon.

Digging up Harvard Yard

Cristina S. Parajon '18 and Santiago Pardo '16 dig for buried artifacts in Harvard Yard on Sunday, during the archaeology fair hosted by the Peabody Museum and the Semitic Museum.

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