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Harvard’s Social Distancing Disciplinary Process, Explained

Harvard College released a form for reporting social distancing violations — complete with space for photos and videos — as part of a rollout of its disciplinary process for students in residence. The procedures outlined offer insight into the community council’s structure and inner workings — from a report to review to potential removal from campus. Here’s a primer on the process.

Former Harvard Student Sues University for Denying His Degree Following Sexual Misconduct Findings

Former Harvard undergraduate Damilare Sonoiki ’13 filed a lawsuit against the University Oct. 21 alleging that the College unfairly withheld and ultimately denied him his degree after three fellow students accused him of sexual assault.

Ad Board Required 50 Undergraduates to Withdraw Last Year

Ten of the past year’s withdrawals were related to “social behavior” issues, which include drug and alcohol offenses and sexual misconduct. The remaining 40 withdrawals were cases of students failing to meet certain academic requirements.

Student Who Sued Harvard for Investigating Alleged, Off-Campus Sexual Assault Voluntarily Dismisses Case

A Harvard College student who sued the University alleging it had wrongfully opened an investigation into sexual assault allegations against him has voluntarily dismissed his suit, according to documents filed in federal court Friday.

Harvard College Rolls Out Its First Honor Code With Fanfare

Administrators are introducing the policy in an attempt to make sure students are aware of it.

Men’s Hockey’s McNally, Michalek, and Everson Denied Additional Year of Eligibility

​The NCAA has denied goaltender Steve Michalek and defensemen Patrick McNally and Max Everson an additional year of NCAA eligibility, bringing an end to a long period of uncertainty for the trio of NHL draft picks.

Updates on the Honor Council

Interim Ad Board Secretary Brett Flehinger said that once it begins hearing cases, the Honor Council hopes to eventually release statistics comparable to those the College’s Administrative Board currently does. Flehinger will serve as secretary of the Honor Council in the new Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct next academic year.

Honor Council Begins Training Undergraduate Members

As the College readies for a fall rollout of its first honor code, undergraduates on the student-faculty body that will hear cases of academic integrity have begun their training.

Honor Council Selects Student Membership

Twelve undergraduates will sit on the Honor Council, which will hear cases of alleged academic integrity violations, and 14 will serve as “academic integrity fellows” and will provide advising to students accused of breaching the honor code.

New Office To House Ad Board and Honor Council

The Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct will replace the College’s Office of the Secretary of the Ad Board in July, according to an email sent to undergraduates Friday from Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana.

Ad Board Disciplinary Withdrawals

The College's Administrative Board required 39 undergraduates to temporarily withdraw from the College in disciplinary cases last year.

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