Halloween Costumes: The Elaborate, The Group, and The Last Minute

By Anneli L. Tostar

Ever been to a Halloween party where someone asks you, “What are you even supposed to be?” How about having no idea what to be, and minutes before the party, you panic, throw on a flannel and some boots, and show up as the fiftieth cowboy in the room? Do you want to avoid these altogether uncomfortable situations? Look no further because Flyby’s got you covered for Halloween this year:

For Those Looking to Make a Statement

The wrecking ball
Yes, as in Miley Cyrus’ most famous prop. All you need is a human-sized sphere of foam, some black spray paint, and a plastic chain to hang from the top. Perks of this costume: you get to ram into people all night screaming the song’s chorus.

The Kia Soul hamsters
This is best done with a partner, so one can rock the white pleather jacket and the other can wear the red windbreaker. Obtaining a hamster costume might be difficult, but Amazon is full of weird things.

Group Themed Costumes

The stages of Britney Spears
“Hit me baby one more time” Britney, hot mess Britney circa 2007 with the hot pink wig and black bikini, wild just-met-Kevin-Federline Britney (this costume can feature bridesmaids dressed in Juicy), and of course, bald Brit.

A six pack of Corona Extra
Wrap yourselves in yellow fabric with the label hot-glued or sewn onto the front and wear a long, tube-shaped yellow hat with a white feather boa glued on top to look like foam. Complete the look by making a rectangular package out of cardboard for everyone to stand in three by three. Downside: you have to travel as a pack all night long.

Decide Saturday Morning What to Wear Saturday Night

This is a slightly more original, but not much more difficult, version of the cowboy. Wear a plaid shirt, jeans, and a straw hat. Use eyeliner or other face makeup to draw on a creepy face. For good measure, hold some sunflowers or stuff some hay (or dead grass that you find in the Yard) into your pockets.

Liz Lemon
Everyone’s favorite 30 Rock character can be done in five minutes. Blue blazer, striped tee shirt, and dorky glasses. Oh, and don’t forget the bag of cheese puffs.

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