A Leap into Faith

By Ellie H. Ashby

The Political Tendency of the Parachurch

In 1951, while studying for a Greek exam at Fuller Seminary, William R. Bright had a revelation. He felt called to create a new ministry outside the traditional institution of the church, concerned with spreading the gospel to college students, and then the world.

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A Message To Evangelical Christians

A spotlight illuminates part of the church’s stage as the hymn slowly fades. An individual emerges and places a sheet of paper on a music stand. They test the microphone.

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The Golden Cross and the Golden Eagle

There is a simple version of this piece, where I explain what Memorial Church looks like, and I argue that it unequivocally embodies the rhetoric of Christian nationalism. Golden cross, golden eagle, the sturdy wooden pews, the stone-engraved wall commemorating the fallen patriots — the space merges Christian and American identities. A critical eye dissects it quickly and leaves through the side doors.

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The Spaces We Hold

Space, as a concept, is religious in nature.

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