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Teen Mag Quiz: Which Forgotten Republican Nominee Are You?

With election day rapidly approaching, FM has decided to take a look back at the original Republican presidential candidates. Which one are you? Take our quiz to find out!
By Kathleen A. Cronin and Lucy R. Golub

As of Sept. 1, 2015, there were 17 candidates running to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States. With election day rapidly approaching, FM has decided to take a look back at the candidates. Take our quiz and find out with whom you most identify.

When you’re at a party, you...

a) Observe everyone acting like children.

b) Get made fun of for how you dress until you decide to leave.

c) Are only there because your friend is the host.

d) Chat everyone up about the turtle figurines you carry in your pocket.

e) Leave immediately because it’s a crowded shit show.

Your drink of choice is:

a) Tepid water.

b) Whatever the guys are drinking.

c) The entire keg; big boys don’t share.

d) A Martini of course!

e) Shots—over before you even know it .

When someone confronts you, you react by:

a) Responding in a level-headed manner.

b) Flashing your pearly whites .

c) Yelling incoherently until you’re blue in the face.

d) Mumbling something about bullying at them in hushed tones.

e) Running away.

If you were an animal you would be:

a) A goldfish.

b) A hawk.

c) A pitbull.

d) A kitty-cat.

e) A possum—playing dead.

Your slogan on the campaign trail and in the bedroom is:

a) For Us.

b) New Possibilities. Real Leadership.

c) Telling It Like It IS

d) Jeb Can Fix It!

e) I didn’t get that far…

This Halloween, you’re dressing as:

a) A ghost.

b) Hillary Clinton.

c) A retired Mr. Mom.

d) Bob the Builder.

e) I’m too scared to go out on Halloween.

How might your political rival describe you?

a) “Good for Mexico!”

b) “If you talk to her for more than 10 minutes straight, you develop a massive headache.”

c) “No more Oreos!”

d) “At the bottom of the barrel.”

e) “Should be forced to take an IQ test.”

If you got mostly….

A’s - John Kasich. You like to be in the middle of every argument and avoid conflict.

B’s - Carly Fiorina. No one really knows anything about you, except the fact that you’re the only other woman in the race, and that one of the nominees has criticized your appearance.

C’s - Chris Christie. The only reason you’re still around is because you’re a major buttkiss.

D’s - Jeb Bush! You are not your mother’s favorite son… Please Clap.

E’s - Rick Perry. You’re in and out before the game even begins.

Bonus! - If you refused to answer any of these questions for fear of losing: You got Donald Trump!

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