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Ken Griffin: Depart To Serve Better Thy Country and Thy Kind

our predecessors committed themselves to active participation in our civic life, serving and sacrificing for the sake of others. Carry the torch that is now being passed on to you and build a future that unites us.

I Led The Crimson Through Historic Backlash. Now, Harvard’s Pro-Palestine Protesters Face Worse.

Remember the members of our class not graduating with us because they were punished this week — in flagrant disregard of decades of University precedent — for peacefully and civilly exercising their right to free speech.

Is Garber Treating the Encampment Fairly? 11 Former Harvard Activists Weigh In.

As the University has taken more and more stern action against the Harvard Out of Occupied Palestine protesters, many members of HOOP’s coalition have asked: Is this fair? History can offer an answer. In this special package, we present four pieces from organizers of protest movements across the decades at Harvard reflecting on how their activism — and the administration’s response — compare to today's demonstrations. —Tommy Barone ’25 and Jacob M. Miller ’25

35,000 People Dead; Harvard Suspends Students Instead

No disciplinary consequence will stand between us and our commitment to a liberated Palestine.

What Have We Taught? Harvard Courses Are Academic, Not Ideological.

Harvard faculty and students are divided on many issues facing the University today. Yet despite these divisions, I hope we can always unite around an unwavering commitment to intellectual integrity, academic rigor, and good faith dialogue — foundational values for all research institutions.

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