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Amid Calls for Gay’s Resignation, Harvard Corporation Convenes for Scheduled Meeting

The Harvard Corporation and the Board of Overseers — the University’s governing bodies — convened on campus Sunday for a regularly scheduled meeting that comes five days after calls for President Claudine Gay to resign grew following her congressional testimony, according to a source close to the governing boards.

UPenn’s President Resigned. What Does it Mean for Harvard President Claudine Gay?

When Harvard President Claudine Gay was inaugurated as the University’s 30th president, many expected her to lead Harvard for the next decade. But after Gay’s testimony on Tuesday before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, many are demanding she resign in her first semester.

Rabbi Wolpe Steps Down from Harvard Antisemitism Advisory Group After President Gay’s Congress Testimony

Prominent Rabbi David J. Wolpe announced that he had stepped down from Harvard’s antisemitism advisory group in a Thursday post on X, citing University President Claudine Gay’s Tuesday testimony before Congress and an ideology that “places Jews as oppressors” at Harvard.

‘I Am Sorry’: Harvard President Gay Addresses Backlash Over Congressional Testimony on Antisemitism

Harvard President Claudine Gay apologized for her remarks at the end of her congressional testimony, which sparked fierce national criticism and led the leadership of Harvard Hillel to say they don’t trust her to protect Jewish students at the University.

Harvard President Gay Traveled to Washington to Quell the Backlash. Her Testimony Only Made it Worse.

Harvard President Claudine Gay appeared before Congress Tuesday to quell the backlash against the University. Instead, the hearing ended with members of Congress demanding Gay’s resignation and the leadership of Harvard Hillel saying they don’t trust her to protect Jewish students at the University.

Five Takeaways from Harvard President Claudine Gay’s Testimony Before Congress

Harvard President Claudine Gay took the hot seat Tuesday and was grilled by lawmakers over her administration’s response to the Israel-Hamas war. Here are five takeaways from Gay’s testimony before the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

Misinformation Expert Joan Donovan Calls for Investigation Into HKS, Alleging Influence by Donors Tied to Meta

Misinformation expert Joan M. Donovan called for an investigation into the Harvard Kennedy School, alleging that the school terminated her project at the school and pressured her to leave under the influence of donors with ties to Meta.

PR Firm Edelman Assisted Harvard with Comms Strategy Amid Backlash Over Israel-Hamas Messaging

Public relations giant Edelman advised senior University officials on communications strategy related to the Israel-Hamas war after Harvard’s initial response provoked a wave of backlash, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Harvard President Claudine Gay Will Testify Before Congress on Tuesday. Here’s What You Need to Know.

University President Claudine Gay’s congressional testimony on Tuesday about antisemitism on college and university campuses is expected to receive intense media attention and feature several made-for-TV moments as members of Congress grill Gay about tensions on campus.

Harvard Pro-Palestine Groups Organize ‘Week of Action,’ Drawing Criticism for ‘Intifada’ Chants

Dozens of Harvard students and affiliates participated in a pro-Palestine “week of action,” which included two rallies and a protest sign-making event, to call on the University to “stop its complicity in Israeli apartheid.”

Harvard’s Gift Officers Are Worried About Backlash Over the School’s Israel-Hamas Response. Here’s Why.

Harvard gift officers are privately worried that some longtime donors will stop giving as a result of the controversy over the University’s response to the Israel-Hamas war and concerns about antisemitism on campus, five Harvard donors said in interviews over the past month.

More than 100 Harvard Faculty Sign Letter Criticizing President Gay’s Censure of Pro-Palestine Slogan

More than 100 Harvard faculty members across eight of the University’s schools criticized Harvard President Claudine Gay’s condemnation of the pro-Palestine slogan “from the river to the sea” in an open letter to the president Monday.

Harvard President Gay Censures Violence Amid Political Tension on Campus Over Israel-Hamas War

Harvard President Claudine Gay defended academic freedom and warned affiliates against violence, harassment, and other violations of conduct rules in a University-wide email Friday evening — her latest attempt to subdue weeks of sustained criticism from donors and alumni.

Harvard President Gay Forms Advisory Group to Combat Antisemitism on Campus

After Harvard faced fierce criticism over its response to the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel, top administrators will work with a newly established advisory group to combat antisemitism on campus, University President Claudine Gay announced at a Harvard Hillel Shabbat dinner Friday.

GOP Harvard Alums Condemn Response to PSC Statement as ‘Too Little, Too Late’ in Letter to President Gay

A group of Harvard-educated Republican lawmakers condemned Harvard’s response to a controversial student group statement that held Israel “entirely responsible” for violence after Hamas invaded Israel.

Harvard President Gay’s First 100 Days Marked By Political Turmoil and Campus Division

As dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Claudine Gay largely managed to avoid national media scrutiny even as several faculty members became the subjects of highly publicized scandals. Now, as the public face of Harvard, that’s no longer possible.

AI Model Based on Harvard President Gay Allegedly Included Instructions Invoking Racist Stereotypes

ClaudineGPT, a generative artificial intelligence language model based on University President Claudine Gay, used instructions invoking racist stereotypes, the AI Safety Student Team alleged in an email to the model’s creators.

Harvard President Claudine Gay Fiercely Condemns Hamas, Rejects Calls to Punish Students for Israel Statement

Harvard President Claudine Gay forcefully condemned “barbaric atrocities perpetrated by Hamas” and rejected calls to punish and name students who signed onto a statement that said they hold Israel “entirely responsible” for the ongoing violence.

Following National Criticism, Harvard President Gay Condemns Hamas, Distances University from Student Groups

Amid fierce national backlash, Harvard President Claudine Gay forcefully condemned the Hamas attack on Israel and distanced the University from a group of student organizations who signed onto a statement that called Israel “entirely responsible” for the ongoing violence in the region.

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